Guggy was founded by cousins Rotem and Shahar on September 2015 to make people laugh. Guggy uses a messaging-oriented NLP engine that works in every language to analyze the text message, match an creative and funny GIF and recreate it in real-time with the text message on it. Every time you use Guggy you will get a different GIF.

Rotem Yakir - CEO
13 years of experience in full stack development and 8 years as VP R&D. Knows Seinfeld by heart. Married with 3 kids. Always wanted to combine his two great passions, humor and technology.
Shahar Yakir - CTO
14 years of experience in R&D and IT. Master of technologies including iOS, Android, Web and Server. Could have been working at NASA but instead chose to waste his talent on cat GIFs.
Almog Haimovitch - Junior Dev
A huge basketball fan. Learned Android but forgot it all in favor of node.js awesomeness. But sometime, someday he will return to his first love.
Tomer Reinhorn - CGO
Spent the last 4 years creating and sending GIFs every day. Has a passion for GIFs ever since he first saw the famous monkey falling from a tree GIF. One time he watched 10,235 GIFs in one day but lost all recollection of that day.